Sell Halloween, life size Halloween novelty item (The Regurgitator)

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This is a life-size Halloween novelty item that has distinctive facial features and is called "The Regurgitator", while the nature of this invention is to scare and disgust people during the Halloween season, the purpose of the artical in which the design is embodied is for entertainment during the Halloween season, this life-size Halloween item will play up to six different messages (which are specifically made for this Halloween novelty item) if approached from any of the three different angles, the main feature is a gravity fed system to "throwup" a fluid (water with optional food coloring) into a detachable metal bucket that looks like its being held by this life-size Halloween novelty item's hands. I want to sell this new Halloween product with a license deal. Thanks, Darren Massaro
Brand Name
The Regurgitator
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