Sell Halogen/Radiant Stove

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1. Not challenge pans, and any applicable material saucepan. Induction Cooker convenient reservations, the advantages of pleasing in appearance, can make up for the use of iron pans Induction Cooker mistake to use with all saucepan, has been called the "Never challenge cooker stoves. "
2. Imported ceramic glass, withstand high temperature 650 Celsius degrees, for 5000 hours without a break down, 0 and the maximum temperature in high-temperature cooking zone casting. Face the cold and high temperature cooking zone edge 500 Celsius degres temperature difference. Is not broken, do not change, face bright as a mirror, easy to clean and environmentally friendly.
3. There are no high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, infrared to the far Trace has arthritis treatment. No fire, does not produce carbon monoxide, halogen light cooking shows, thus enabling users to easily identify appliances normal work.

4. Rapid warming, the maximum temperature can reach 650 Celsius degres, through the strength of precise power control, rapid heat cooking also concentrated.
5. Rated Voltage: 160-255V. A. C. Powerful 400-1600W power, energy and energy saving.
6. Delight unique in paragraph 7 of the National Rainbow light show of firepower.
7. New micro-computer control, high and low pressure kept strictly separate and prevent overheating protection, leakproof, waterproof, safe and reliable.
8. Super-high temperature, super-low-voltage protection, automatic shutdown two hours without operators, warning her after shutdown Face Heat
9. Deep-fried food, cooking, Soup functions. Booking button and automatic insulation function.
10. No flame. Will not produce carbon monoxide, two-hour automated shutdown. Light with high temperature furnace after shutdown.