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Halogen lamp or tungsten-halogen lamp
Incandescent lamp with a quartz bulb and a gas filling that includes a halogen. It gives brilliant light from a compact unit. The halogen combines with the tungsten evaporated from the hot filament to form a compound that is attracted back to the filament, thus extending the filament's life. The evaporated tungsten is also prevented from condensing on the bulb and darkening it, an effect that reduces the light output of ordinary incandescent lamps. First used in the late 1960s in motion-picture production, halogen lamps are now also used in automobile headlights, underwater photography, and residential lighting.

GU10 50 Watt Bulbs , GU10 Halogen Light Bulb 50 Watt


VDEEN branded premium GU10 halogen bulbs. These premium branded bulbs offer an extended life of 2,500 hours (25% longer than standard halogen GU10 bulbs) .

There are two options on the offer pack - 350 flood beam angle or 500 wide flood beam angle so you get the correct bulbs for your requirements.

Type: Halogen Light Bulb
Fitting: GU10 twist and lock
Wattage: 50 Watts
Finish: Clear
Colour Temp: Warm White 2700K
Beam Angle: 350 Flood & 500 Wide Flood
Voltage: 240 Volts


Average Life of 2,000 hours - 25% Longer Life than standard GU10s