Sell Hand Free Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser

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Touchless / no touch / hand free automatic paper towel / paper roll / scroll / toilet paper / tissue / napkin dispenser

The automatic paper towel dispenser creates germ-free and automated environment. Just wave your hand over the sensor and the paper will be dispensed automatically without touch the dispenser itself, so it can prevent cross-contamination efficiently. It is hygienic and suit to be used in public and it'll make your work and life healthier.

Product Feature
1. The beautiful transparent cover is made of good plastic material.
2. Its design is slim and functional.
3. Its indicator light shows different states of the dispenser (AC, DC, low power, automatic dispense or manual dispense) .
4. The length of towel paper can be adjusted from 160-400mm.
5. It can sense within 80mm and is workable for manual use.
7. Towel reloaded automatically.
6. Employs 4 pcs D size batteries or AC.