Sell Hand Free Automatic Soap/Lotion Dispenser

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The Automatic Shampoo / Liquid Soap Dispenser can prevent cross-infection efficiently. Just wave your hand over the sensor to get soap without touch the dispenser itself. It is hygienic and suitable to be installed in public bathroom and it'll make your work and life healthier.
1. Infrared sensor technology allows for "touch free" activation.
2. This dispenser has the function if adjusting the solution by 0.5cc up to 2cc prevention from over use. No matter how the user preset 2, 3 or 4 drops function soap dispenser will automatically stop if user's hands removes from sensor range.
3. The dispenser can be activated by presetting, Soap starts to flow for as long as the use's hands remain within the sensor range (Maximum operation times: 8 seconds) .
4. Safe and easy installation (double sided tape and mounting screws included) .
5. Saves money through it's controlled product dispensing.
7. Ideals for food service and health application.
8. Hands free eliminates cross-contaminates of infectious diseases.