Sell Hand Held Ultrasonic Flow Meter

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Product Description

Hand Held Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Functions and characteristics:

1) Non-wetted surface meter is used in measure uneasy touch and observe flow and big pipe
2) Don't change the flow state and bring additive resistance, the meter installation and examine and repair would not impact production. The meter is a perfect save resource type flow meter
3) The price is low
4) The measured hardly impact the veracity medium

(1) 4 line characters LCD display the flow rate, flow speed, calculation flow and signal
(2) Small cubage, light weight, and lithium battery imbedded inside.
(3) Inner data memory, can record date, flow, working time
(4) RS-232 output
(5) OCT output, surge signal, frequency signal 1~9999Hz
(6) Water, seawater, sewage, PH liquid, oils and other liquids
(7) capable of ultrasonic wave propagation
(8) Inner Ni-H battery can work 10 hours
(9) Flow rate: 0~30m/s.
(10) Accuracy: 1%

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