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HW-0302 " Thumb Wrist Support "
**What is Carpal tunnel syndrome: The carpal is consisting of a concavity which formed by bones of three sides as well as a ligament at the bottom. There are nerve, vein, tendon etc get across the concavity. Carpal tunnel syndrome means that the nerve is pressed by the surrounding tissues of the carpal which result in midmost nerve being impacted and then cause the so-called symptom.
**Carpal tunnel syndrome symptom!GEarly-date symptom!Xyou will feel uncomfortable and painful of the wrist and even wake up at night because of ache. Latter-date symptom---1!^The symptom happens more frequent and lasts more and more longer.2!^The most serious is that the muscle will atrophy which weakens the hand strength.
**Suggesting to adopt the following measures!G1!^Do not do so much sports & works and go to see the doctor at the same time.2!^Wearing wrist support so as to make sure the wrist keeping unwinding.3!^Pay attention to the elasticity of wrist support, make sure the elasticity is suitable to wear in order to assure regular blood circulation.4!^Do not focus the pressure on the wrist when use force.5!^Should go to see the doctor if you feel the nerve of affected part missing or motor nerve weakening as well as the nerve transmitted speed reduce greatly.