Sell Hand Towel Machine / 3-Folding Hand Towel Machine

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3-Folding Hand Towel Machine/Hand Towel Machine

Model:HX-200/230-2 Automatic 3 folding Hand Towel Machine

This machine has the following main technical parameters:

1. Product Size(mm) : 225*200-230
2. Raw Paper SIze(mm) : its diameter will be <=110*400-460
3. Production Speed: 850 pieces/minute
4. Power: 10KW
5. Weight for Machine: 3 tons.

Productin Flow: Raw Paper(Hand Towel or Wet Pulp Raw Paper) ---Cutting----Embossing---Reamer Roller Cutting-----Cross Folding into N Shape.
The product is widely used for Wiping hands in public places such as airport, hotel, restaurant, office, kitchen, etc, when it is used, one piece after another is drawn out of continuously, it is characterized by high speed, folding in order, etc.
Main Setup and Characters:
1. Steel  Steel embossing, pneumatic style pressure adding, patterns can be made according to customers requirement.
2. Electricity power saving, energy saving.
3. Synchronization transmission, transmission speed ratio is accurate, low noise.
4. Pneumatic style reamer automatic separate, convenient paper pulling on.
5. Crucial Parts can be added oil automatically and periodically, electronic counting.

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