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General introduction:
MD-300 metal detector is a mini-type hand held metal detector, mainly for security check in important places like customs, airport and court. It will gibe an alarm sound and vibration with low voltage power alarm.

1. Operating frequency: 20kHz
2. Weight: 272g (including the battery)
3. Size:
a. Length: 420mm
b. Width: 138mm
c. Height: 110mm
4. Handle measurement: 30 x 30mm
5. Regulate the way: manual
6. Indicator: BZ, vibration motor
7. LED light proves: LED red warning indicator lamp, LED green insufficient
indicator lamp, voltage indicator lamp LED battery of power
8. Battery: 9V battery (suitable for working for 40 hours normally)
9. Control: circulation switch (on, off, a sound of light or mode of vibration)
10. Uses cycle-switch to switch sound alarm and hidden vibration alarm respectively
11. Highly sensitive, detect ferrous and non-ferrous and stainless steel weapons
12. Sound and light alarm simultaneously
13. Alkaline cell (7V - 9V) can work over 40 hours and distance does not change
14. Warn automatically when short of voltage
15. Simple, convenient to use, easy to adjust
16. Detecting distances:
a. 1/2 pin: 10mm
b. Model 64 pistol: 150mm
c.6" dagger: 150mm
d.8mm (diameter) : 40mm
e. Aluminum & copper sheet: 10mm
f. DIP14 IC (integrate circuit) : 5mm
g. Silver ring (1g) : 40mm
h. Lead brick (1g) : 30mm
Brand Name
Available Colors
420mm x38mm x110mm
Model Number
Power Requirements
(7V - 9V
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
272g (including the battery)