Sell Hand made Ryumon Raijin Katana

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Wood Box Packing with Certificate
Hand Forged High carton steel & Folded steel
Full Tang
Fully Functional Sharp Samurai Sword

42" Overall.

28" Blade.

11 7/8" Handle.

The Ryumon Raijin Katana has a forged and folded AISI 1060 carbon steel blade meticulously for a damascus look.

The Blackened Bronze Guard and the buttcap bear the Tokugawa Shogunate Kamon (family crest) .

One piece brass construction blade collar to ensure proper fitting of blade into scabbard.

Authentic Ray skin is used to wrap the handle and then tied with Japanese cotton.

Palisander wood scabbard.
Includes a cotton or silk sword bag, maintenance kit.
Available Colors