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Our special product is hand-shaped soaps. Our products are initially soaps crafted in the shape of fruits for decorative and promotional purposes. These soaps are hand-shaped and hand painted and originally called Misk Fruit Soaps. Ottomans started making scented soaps in the 17th century. These hand-sculptured soaps became part of the Sultan's "gift basket" for visiting dignitaries, which paved the road to stardom for these soaps as luxury gift items. These soaps also played a part in traditional dowry weddings; if the bride-to-be had a soft personality, she would be presented with fruits such as figs, strawberry, or peaches. If the bride-to-be was a tough cookie, she would be presented with fruits such as pear and apple.
Our products are as follows; apple, apricot, banana, cherry, fig (green and purple) , grapes (yellow, green and purple) , kiwi, lemon, mandarin, melon, melon slices, peach, plum (green and purple) , pear, pomegranate, quince, strawberry and water melon slices. These soaps continue to keep their beauty for 10-15 years unless they contact with water.
Supply Capacity
2000 units/month
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Minimum Order Quantity
200 units
Terms of Sale
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