Sell Handgrip Type Oxy-gasoline Cutting Torch System

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Oxy-gasoline cutting torch uses regular gasoline instead of acetylene/propane/LPG to save fuel cost for user by more than 80%.

The operation of gasoline torch is same as tradtional acetylene cutting torch, as long as the operators ever used acetylene cutting torch, they will know how to operate gasoline cutting torch.

As an innovative and better cutting way for steel cutting, gasoline cutting torch has become an ideal alternative to tradtional oxy-acetylene cutting torch because of following advantages:
1) savings in the fuel
using regular gasoline as fuel instead of acetylene which can save fuel cost more than 80% for users.
2) savings in cutting nozzle life
gasoline cutting nozzles can last for years by by normal operation and a little care
3) saving in oxygen consumption
4) much more user-friendly than compressed gas cutting system
no backflash and explosiong risk, produce less airborne contaminants
5) the gasoline tank is much more convenient than compressed gas cylidner to move and store.
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50 sets/week
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38 x 29 x 73 cm
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10 days
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50 sets
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