Sell Handheld Optical Multi Meter -3204

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3204 Handheld Optical Multi Meter integrates both optical power meter module and optical light source module which can implement loop-around test by using both modules, and also can work individually by function switch operation in the menu. It is specifically designed for technical support personnel to take tests on a variety of instruments with a single meter. So that to satisfy the users with another choice of more convenient and more advantage.

*Maintenance Telecom
*Passive Devices Manufacturing and Research
*Maintenance CATV
*Lab Test and research work
*Synthetic Cable Distribution System

*Dual-wavelength LD Stabilized Light Source, one port output
*Including all the outstanding functions of handheld intelligent power meter(3203)
*Including all the outstanding functions of handheld stable light source(3104)
*To switch the function of power meter and light source by menu operation
*Perfect combination to make your fiber works more convenient.
*Different Light Source and Power Meter can be built into 3204, tailor to customer requirements

Optical Power Meter Module
Detector Type: IngaAs
Measurement Range(dBm) :
3204A: -70~+3
3204B: -60~+10
3204C: -30~+20
3204D: -20~+30
Uncertainty: 5%
Calibrated wavelengths(nm) : 850, 980, 1310, 1550
Rosolution(dB) : 0. 01
Optical Connector: FC/ Universal 2. 5mm adaptor (FC, SC, ST interchangeable connector can be optional)

Optical Light Source Module
Emitter Type: FP-LD
Wavelengths: 1310/1550(other wavelengths can be optional)
Ouput Power(dBm) : -7
Spectral Width: <10nm
Output Stability: +(-)0. 05dB/15mins; +(-)0. 1dB/ 8hours
Optical Connector: FC/ Universal 2. 5mm adaptor (FC, SC, ST interchangeable connector can be optional)

General Specifications of Multi Meter
Power Supply: Rechargeable Battery + Battery Charger
Battery Operating Time: >6 hours(Both Power Meter and Ligh Source are working) >28hours(Only Power Meter is working)
Auto-off time: 10mins
Operating Temperature(C) : -10~+60
Storage Temperature(C) : -25~+70
Dimension(mm) : 150X76X26
Weight: 250g

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