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Optical attenuator
The AE-FVA digital optical attenuator is designed according to the

development of optical communications. This handheld variable attenuator is

a high accuracy tool with small size, light weight, and high reliability.

Its widely used in optical communications, optical transmission and other

fields of scientific research, production, construction and so on.

-Unique FC / SC / ST three types of adapters
-Large screen LCD numeral demonstration
-0.1dB attenuation Resolution
-Three kinds of attenuation step : 10dB, 1.0dB, 0.1dB
-Small size, light weight, high reliability
-Rechargeable battery-powered, night lighting backlighting for field work

-Communication engineering and
-CATV engineering and maintenance
-Manufacture and research of optical
-Teaching and experiment in optical

Optical Specifications
Type AE-FVA-50D AE-FVA-60D
Testing Wavelength 1310nm / 1550nm 1310nm / 1550nm
Attenuation Range 0~ -50dB(without insert loss) 0~ -60dB(without

insert loss)
Accuracy 0dB~20dB (<=10.1dB)
20dB~50dB (<=10.2dB)
0dB~20dB (<=10.1dB)
20dB~60dB (<=10.2dB)

Resolution 0.1dB
Insertion Loss <2dB
Attenuation Repetition 0.05dB
Return Loss >60dB(APC) , >50dB(PC)
Battery Operating Time >25 h
Fiber Type SM 9/125um
Optical Connector FC , ST, SC, (standard)
Dimension 17.3W9.0W4.2cm(wrap)
Weight 450g

Order models:
AE-FVA-50D Attenuation of the largest50dB
AE-FVA-60D Attenuation of the largest60dB

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Brand Name
Model Number
AE-FVA-50 60DB