Sell Handset Voice Changer FTC-601

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This brand new device is a combination of voice disguiser and ordinary headset, built-in high quality IC chip, it has ability to disguise your voice. It allows you change your voice from male to female or female to male with just a simple shift the switch, it is a essential kit for prank calls, anonymous calls and for winding up your mates even enemies! Work with cell phone built-in 2.5mm audio jack. It would enable you to experience the great fun of unique voice and jokes it can bring with just plug this device into your cell phone audio jack.


* Change your voice, even your best friend could not recognize you!
* With the JIAHE unit switched "OFF" you can use the unit as normal handset
* With the JIAHE unit switched "ON" you could enjoy the fun of unique voice
* Battery included

Operation Procedure:

* Plug the connection jack into the cell phone 2.5mm audio jack, put the earpiece into your ear and turn the power on.
* Choose the unit voice mode you need ("male or "female") and make a call.
* When the person you are calling answers, start talking and they won't know who you are!!
* You will hear a slight echo so you can hear how your devious voice sounds!
* You can change the mode during the call so that you can pretend to be two different people, "male" or "female"
* After the call, press the "lift/hang-up" button.
* If someone calls you, you can go into mode and press the "lift/hang-up" button and fool the caller because they won't know it's you!
* When you receive a call the lights on the unit will flash to alert you of the call.

Compatible Models:

Work with cell phone built-in 2.5mm audio jack


* Please do not use this device to do anything illegally.
* The "LIFT/HANG-UP" function is handset dependant, if your cell phone doesn't support this, or just answer in the normal way.
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