Sell Handset Voice Changer FTC-611 Earphone

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This is Brand New Multifunctional 7in1 Voice Changer Disguiser. This Multifunctional device integrates a powerfully IC chip, you could use it as a voice disguiser, bill tester, portable torch, etc. All these function built-in this exquisite device. It's capable to disguise you when talking online without being recognise even your best friend by changing your voice, it allows you to change your voice from male to female or female to male with just a simple shift the switch. Aside from enjoying your unique voice conversation, it could help you identify bill without being cheated, it also serve as a portable torch. Get one to have a wonderfully new experience of this multifunctional device can brings!


* Inflexion of moblie phone
* Inflexion of telphone
* Display function
* Test bill
* Lift hang up
* Portable torch
* Radiation protection

Instruction Manual

* Transform the voice in moilbe phone:
Connect mobile phone with earphone. Open the power switch, indicator light will shine. Shift the voice change switch to man's voice; you will speak to other in man's voice. otherwise in woman's voice. Turn off the switch; the other will hear your own voice. The echo in the
changed effect for you to monitor. Some type of mobile has no echo just for different circuit in them but this doesn't affect the result of the voice change. Turn off the switch; the other will hear your own voice.

* Transform the voice in telepone:
Take off the line which conncets the base of telephone with the headphone and put it into the plug socket of Voice-Transformable earphone. Take off the headphone from the phone base. Different type of telephone has different inner circuit; the voice transformable earphone is designed according to the majority which may not fit some type of telephone. if you can hear the dialing tone or the echo, the telephone can match the earphone.

* Display function:
If is AI inflexion earphone, the display will be un-operatd when the power is OFF.
When a call coming in, blue color light begin to flash.

* Test Bill:
Turn on the power switch, press the button of test bill you will see bright pruple light from the indicating light, put the bill in the light you will see the hidden picture clearly in the real bill, otherwis it is fake. The more sufficicent the voltage, the stronger the ultraviolet ray, but it cost a lot of the electricty.

* Lift hang up:
When a call coming in, you just gently press button of test bill to listen, if you wish to end up the call, press the button.

* Portable torch
Press button of test bill for night time torch use.


* Please do not use this device to do anything illegally.
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