Sell Hanging Fly Trap

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Type: HFT-1

HFT-1(20 x 28 cm) is small hanging collapsible mesh

This product is effective to perish and control flys and flying Insects, it can be used in hang, so long as put the bait, the various flies will "haul oneself willing into and is captured", this trap can catch thousands of muscas a day.

This product suits throughout the year, this unit cleans up easily, carries conveniently. Moreover doesn't use electricity and poison, not only can eliminate the chemical damage worrying, also may save the manpower and physical resource.

This product uses the best healthy, the best safe and the best succinct methods to perish flies, it is not limited by environment and widely is used in restaurants, schools, homes & garden, farm, park, patios, camping, backyards, kennels, horse trailers, orchard, packinghouse, food markets, trash room, breed field, barn, barnyard, stable, public place, cantonment and so on.