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While the Key 2 Getting Better does not prevent intoxication, it does dramatically reduce the damage that alcohol inflicts on your internal organs and it does prevent the debilitating effects of a hangover. K. G. B, a 100% natural dietary supplement, protects your system by helping it to reduce the level of acetaldehyde in your blood stream. Acetaldehyde is a highly toxic compound which builds up within your body when you consume alcohol. This buildup of acetaldehyde is the primary cause of alcohol-related damage to your body including long-term damage such as liver and skin damage and short-term damage such as a painful hangover. K. G. B aides your body in the metabolism of acetaldehyde: the Key 2 Getting Better from an over-indulgence in alcohol!

So, whether you are drinking Vodka during a covert operation in a darkened, back room in some exotic port of call or simply having a few drinks at a local barbeque, you can use Russian military technology to minimize the damaging effects of alcohol on your body and to prevent a hangover from ruining your tomorrow.
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