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Happy Spa Soap
Happy spa soap is 100% natural deep cleaning soap, with silky fine foam enriched with natural glycerin, good selected natural extract, blending with pure milk. It makes skin soft and smooth. In addition, its comforting scent ensures a stress relieving showering experience, helping you to relax and unwind.

1) BJ_HP1 Mangosteen Soap
Mangosteen soap is a blending between mangosteen extract and pure milk. Mangosteen extract help to inhibit bacteria and odour whereas milk protein moistures your skin makes it smooth and soft.
90 g

2) BJ_HP2 Mineral Soap
Mineral Soap is formulated with mineral water and pure mild. Mineral water helps to adjust skin balance for younger looking skin, diminish odour while milk protein moistures your skin makes it smooth and soft.

90 g
3) BJ_HP3 Milky Honey Soap
Milky Honey Soap is the mixture between natural honey and pure milk, it moistures dry skin into softer and smoother.

90 g
4) BJ_HP4 Strawberry Soap
Strawberry Soap contains strawberry extract and pure milk, enriched with many vitamins from strawberry. It helps brighten up skin, make it look healthy. In addition, milk protein helps skin smoother.

90 g
5) BJ_HP5 Orange Peel Soap
Orange Peel Soap is blended with orange peel extract and pure milk. Oil from orange peel recovers skin from dryness to moisture while milk protein helps skin soft and smoother.
90 g
6) BJ_HP6 Tamarind Soap
Tamarind soap is a mixture between tamarind extract and pure milk. It sweeps away dead skin cells while nourish new skin cells with AHA. It makes face and body skin brighter, smoother as well as wipe out dirt, enriched skin with milk protein make it smooth and soft.
90 g
7) BJ_HP7 Lemon Soap
Lemon soap contains scent oil from lemon and pure milk. It makes you feel fresh while vitamin C from lemon nourishes skin, make it bright. Milk protein helps skin smooth and soft.
90 g
8) BJ_HP8 Cucumber Soap
Cucumber Soap is a mixture between cucumber extract and pure milk. It returns natural balance to skin, makes it soft. Vitamin E in cucumber makes skin look younger whereas milk protein nourishes it and make it smoother.
90 g
9) BJ_HP9 Kiwi Soap
Kiwi soap is a mixture between Kiwi extract and pure milk. It helps to nourish skin, gently exfoliates dead skin cells as well as nourishes it with milk protein that make skin smooth and soft.
90 g
10) BJ_HP10 Green Tea Soap
Green tea soap is a blending between green tea extract and pure milk. It firms skin and modifies dark skin into bright skin, delay wrinkle and gently sweep away dirt from your skin and nourishes it in the same time.
90 g
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BJ Natural Care
Supply Capacity
100,000/ Month
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Lead Time from Order to Shipment
45 days
Minimum Order Quantity
1,000 Units
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FOB Bangkok Port
90 g.