Sell Happy U - M850u U-Massager

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Device/1, Massage patches/4, Output cord/1, USB cord/1, Travel pouch/1, User's manual/1

Technical Parameters
Voltage and Frequency: AC 100-250 V 50/60 Hz
DC 5V 1 10%
Amperage: <= 50 mA
Power Output: <= 0.3 W
Pulse Width: 0.1mS 1 30%
Output rang ( unidirectional ) : Minimum 0 V - 5 V, Maximum 60 V - 80 V
Adjustment is continuous between minimum and maximum output. ( 1K(Ohms) load resistance )
USB 2.0 high-speed transmission interface, 5 M/S 1G flash memory, using super stable flash chip
WinMe/2000/XP system without drivers, plug-and-play
Dimensions: 87mm W 25mm W 10mm
Weight: Approx. 20g

Product introduction

Product Features
This product is a new type of home electronic equipment for health care, but also one healthy peripherals of PC with u-disk function.
As technology advances and people become increasingly dependent on computers and the world wide web, our health begins to deteriorate. Thus, using the computer yet being healthy and comfortable at the same time has become our dream. Happy U will help your dream come true. When you put on the patch and turn on the device, an entire line of massage choices is at your finger tips.
Happy U is a small, portable, fashionable and practical massaging device. It can eliminate fatigue and ease the discomfort of using a computer for a long time. Clean and simple, it is able to relax muscles and joints, improve circulation, increase metabolism, preventing many work related symptoms. Used regular, it also aids in healthy weight loss.
Happy U uses large treatment patches to increase comfort and durability. Yu may use it anywhere there is fatigue, discomfort and fat on your body. With 3 techniques and 20 strength levels, its use is fast and simple. With an embedded lithium battery, it is even more convenient for your busy lifestyle.
Happy U is sleek and stylish, totally revolutionizing the image of the traditional electronic health device.
This product is the smallest, thinnest, most powerful electronic massage device in its field. Its ease of use, portability, practicality and safety demonstrate a new level of innovation and creativity.