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Happy liquid soap is mild foamy liquid soap which gently cleans your skin, increasing its benefit with well-selected herbal extract and vitamin for enhancing your skin to look healthy, reduce dark spot and gently exfoliates dead skin cells naturally, then leave your skin moisture, softer and younger.

1) BJ_HL1 Happy Liquid Soap (For Acne)
Happy Liquid Soap (For Acne) is formulated to against skin rashes and acnes. The mangosteen extract and natural BHA help to remove dirt from skin pore which is a main cause of acne. In addition, BHA also helps to sweep away dead skin cell, leave you with smooth and clear facial skin.

650 ml
2) BJ_HL2 Happy Liquid Soap (Extra Moisturizer)
Happy Liquid Soap (Extra Moisturizer) is an extra moisturizer mixed between milk and natural honey. It enriches your skin; make it soft, smooth as well as healthy-looking. Suitable for anyone who has extra dry skin.

650 ml
3) BJ_HL3 Happy Liquid Soap (Firming Q10)
Happy Liquid Soap (Firming Q10) is a firming skin liquid soap, riches with Thai herbs such as turmeric and natural Co-Enzyme Q10 which help to improve firming process, reduce fine line naturally then leave you younger looking skin.

650 ml
4) BJ_HL4 Happy Liquid Soap (Slimming )
Happy Liquid Soap (Slimming) is slimming formula liquid soap with Mexicans chili extract that help in cellulite burning process without any heat. In addition, it is also blended with Thai herbs to prevent the returning of cellulite.

650 ml
5) BJ_HL5 Happy Liquid Soap (Whitening)
Happy Liquid Soap (Whitening) is whitening liquid soap blended with high value Thai herb such as Ngangphrayanakao powder and natural AHA which brighten face and body skin, made it softer and smoother without any irritation even sensitive skin.

650 ml
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BJ Natural Care
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650 ml