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YVF, YVFF seires frequency conversion three-phase asynchronous marine motors are developed specially in frequency converter by our factory.

We have fully considered the effect which caused by frequency conversion power when designed with CAD. These motors can be matched with various frequency conversion devices domestic and from abroad. They compose an adjustment speed system of alternating current and frequency conversion.

The relationship among power class, frame No and mounting dimensions are consistent with Y series three-phase asynchronous motors', and accord with the IEC standard.

The rated voltage of this series is 380V, the frequency conversion range is 1 - 100Hz, the constant torque speed control is 1 - 50Hz, the constant power speed control is 50 - 100Hz. The degree of protection of enclosure is IP54, or IP55 according to user's requirements. The basic duty type is S1. The insulation class is F or H available.

This series motors are with high efficiency and smooth torque and no creeping sign at low speed. They are widely used in light industry, textile, chemical, machine tool and metallurgical plants, etc. .
Brand Name
Condition of Goods
Model Number
YVF, YVFF series
Minimum Order Quantity
100 sets