Sell Harmony attar No.1 majmua

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HARMONY ATTAR MAJMUA, NO.1 TECHNICAL ASSITANCE GERMAN, Exotic Attar, 2.5mlThis is an over 150 year old scent and one as popluar in the countries of india like mumbai, pune, madras, kolkatta, jaipur, karnataka, delhi, rampur, merat, agra, . banaras, surat gujrat, etc. in overseas countries, like dubai, jeddah, central america, zenjbar, australia, london, england, hongkong, bangkok, indinesia, malysia, kuwait, qatar iraq, iran, america. etc A generous and gentle floral attar. It is sold in over 50 different namHARMONY ATTAR NO.1 MAJMUA, UNDER THE TECHINAL ASSITANCE OF FIFA GERMANY, Exotic Attar, 2.5ml, in white glass bottle with drip insert made for your fine scent application. A scent like no other and so lovely. Worth a try. These exotic fragrances from Mumbai, the perfume capital of India, are well known for their quality and purity. fragrance india internationalHARMONY ATTAR NO.1 MAJMUA, alchol- free attar with mixed flowers essence. VOL-2.5ml-DOUBLE STRENGTH. the packing is differnt from other packings - ruhulamine s but we bring it to you as the orginial.