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The jade culture8 as a kind of cultural phenomenon8 is peculiar to Chinese civilization. The modest8 pure8 beautiful and graceful jade is not only an artwork winning immortal fame8 but serves also as a symbol of Chinese nation's tolerant disposition as well as the unity between human beings and nature. Chinese has respected8 cherished and worn jade for over 88000 years. There are old sayings like 4A gentleman has virtues comparable with jade4 4A gentleman never goes without jade except for a special reason4. The Chinese believe that if you wear jade8 you can prevent disasters and gain happiness.

The reason why jade Ruyi is regarded highly by the monarch8 his subjects and common people in different dynasties lies in the fact that it is a noble material8 has a beautiful shape8 requires exquisite craftsmanship8 and most importantly8 it has a profound meaning8 that is8 auspiciousness comes with Ruyi. Made of white Hetian jade8 the jade Ruyi in this 4Chinese Jade Fuwa series takes on an appearance of the traditional Chinese classic magic fungus8 implying auspiciousness8 beauty and harmony.