Sell Hawthorn Berry Extract Crataegus Pinnatifida Bge

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Model No: HTB
Product Name: Hawthorn Berry P. E.
Plant Origin: Crataegus pinnatifida Bge.
HTB-1 10:1(Extract Ratio)
HTB-2 Flavone 10% UV

Hawthorn has been used in China since ancient times for digestion as well as for other difficulties. As far back as the Renaissance, Europeans used this supplement for digestive ailments; beginning in the late 1800s, doctors in Europe began to use hawthorn to treat heart disease as well. More recently, hawthorn has been used mostly as a cardiotonic (to strengthen the heart muscle and promote more forceful contractions) .

Hawthorn contains a group of chemicals known as flavonoids that are the main active group of components in this plant and are thought to work together to aid the heart in several ways. First, hawthorn extract can dilate vessels to the heart, thus improving blood flow to this vital organ. By dilating these vessels, hawthorn decreases vessel resistance and therefore lowers blood pressure. In addition, by improving oxygen utilization, the heart is more efficient and functions better in individuals suffering from ailments such as congestive heart failure. Finally, as an antioxidant, hawthorn is claimed to maintain healthy collagen matrices of arterial walls so that the vessels remain elastic.

We have a GMP certified extract factory to produce all kinds of herbal extract. We possess a complete set of advance equipment for extraction, refinement, column chromatoraphy, condensation and desiccation. Our quality control laboratory is well equipped with most advanced instruments, such as HPLC, UV, GC, AA etc.

1) It helps to increase the utilization of oxygen in the heart while increasing enzyme metabolism in the heart muscle.
2) It helps increase circulation and is good for either high or low blood pressure.
3) It is very effective in relieving restlessness and insomnia with those that have heart problems. Hawthorn can prevent arteriosclerosis - hardening of the arteries.