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Product Name: Hawthorn Leaf P. E.
Latin Name: Folium Crataegi
Appearance: Yellow-brown powder
Specification: 1, Vitexin-2``-rhamnoside>=2%
2, Total Isoflavones>=5%
Test Method: Vitexin-2``-rhamnoside: HPLC
Total Isoflavones UV
Hawthorn is thought to exert many beneficial effects on the heart and blood vessels. These include improved coronary artery blood flow and strengthening of the contractions of the heart muscle. Hawthorn may also improve circulation to the extremities by lowering the resistance to blood flow in peripheral blood vessels. Hawthorn is potent antioxidants. Hawthorn extracts may mildly lower blood pressure.
Package: 25KG/Barrel
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