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This motor lubricant has been developed in order to satisfy the exigencies with the engine which use petrol and diesel engines.
It can be used in all type of vehicles (automobiles, light trucks, trucks) .
Its quality level API SE/CC assures a protection against the muds, varnishes and rusts typical of the service of city.
It has, in addition, the necessary additive level to prevent the sticky wearing down generated by the contact metal-metal, mainly in those motors with camshaft at the top.
Its resistance to the oxidation, like its capacity to maintain particles in suspension make it able to perfectly control the problems generated by the high temperatures of operation, like the patch of hoops and the accumulation of deposits, typical of the diesel engines. This allows him very satisfactorily to work to discharges and losses temperatures.
As a result of this last, the oil supports the service of starting and frequent shutdowns.
Brand Name
ISO 9001
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
200 litres tank
Model Number
Hd Suplement 1
Terms of Sale
FOB Buenos Aires
180 kilos.