Sell Hddguarder recovery card

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1. We provide Hddguarder Pro, Basic and Net three kinds of card
Hddguarder Basic and Pro card both are PCI card, and Hddguarder Net are recovery network card, it also is network card with recovery functions

The difference about Basic and pro:
1) same functions and feature
2) difference hardware design
3) Pro card have best compatibility
4) Basic card with lower price, the details refere to the following

2. Unlimited buffer technology, it reach up 1207G, there are never no blue screen problem

3. extra free tools upgrade much:
1) remote control-ezControl, it could support unlimited client PCs, Auto search, show client PC status, remote control card and PCs, friendly user menu

2) ezCopy: from this March, we delete the copy limited, and its comnpletly free now, it could make Netclone

3) more free tools: timing recovery/save; PC lock; data moving; Windows operation menu;