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How the Abtronic X2 Dual Channel Fitness Belt works.

The Abtronic X2 require 2AAA batteries.
The Abtronic X2 2 is not an ordinary massager. This advance unit uses gentle electronic stimulation to contract and release (exercise) your muscles. You will see your own muscles moving. There are no vibrations or sound from the unit at all.

The Abtronic X2 dual channel fitness belt uniquely targets front and side (love handles) or back muscle groups at the same time for maximum benefits and fastest result.

When you switch the unit on, the LCD display will light up indicating that your AbtronicX2 is working properly. After you have selected either the small or the larger belt, depending on your needs and fit the belt directly onto the area you want to work on, you should switch the unit on.

Choose a program and intensity level as described on the workouts pages.

You will feel a slight tingling sensation. Adjust the intensity of the electrical pulse by pressing the high/low buttons for each channel separately. The LCD will indicate the chosen intensity level.

A scientifically proven technique that actually generates active muscle contractions. Meaning it does the AB work for you---so you dont have to! EMS was originally developed for physiotherapists to help rehabilitate with muscle injuries. Now, it is been applied to the fitness industry to help get you the abs youve always dreamed of.

Its perfect for all fitness levels with 8 different body workoutsfrom short, staccato muscle contractions to long, deep pulsations, plus---10 intensity levels---from a soothing, therapeutic massage up to an intense workout. Thats 80 different programs! And it only take 10 minutes a day, but it gets better-the AbtronicX2 also tones other parts of your body. TIGHTEN and Shape your buns, FIRM and LIFT your chest, your neck, ---shoulders & Pecs---In just one minutes you will get at least 400 muscle contractions.
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