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Shaolin Electronic Acupuncture Apparatus is a special massager. It is very different from the ordinary massagers. It contains two parts:Shaolin acupuncture physiotherapy apparatus and Shaolin magic plaster and can cure many diseases. Shaolin Electronic Acupuncture Apparatus is unique in China. So it has its unique features.
Shaolin Temple and Chinese Kungfu are very famous in the world. Shaolin acupuncture physiotherapy apparatus is developped by Shaolin Medicine Bureau, US Moore Laboratory Corporation and HuiHao Technology Co. , Ltd. It is based on Traditonal Chinese Medicine and Shaolin traumatology theory. It fully simulates Shaolin 8 therapies of acupuncture according to the acupoints in Traditonal Chinese Medicine. Shaolin 8 therapies of acupuncture is unique and famous in China. So Shaolin acupuncture physiotherapy apparatus has 8 modes porformed automaticly by microcomputer chip in the apparatus.20 minutes is a period. It can shut off autmaticly after 20 minutes. It has compeletly changed the traditional modes of ordinary massagers.
Shaolin magic plaster is provided by Shaolin Medicine Bureau. It is totally refined from several varieties Chinese Medicinal Herbs according to Shaolin millenarian secret recipe. Shaolin milenarian secret recipe has been tested for so many years and the plaster purely contains Chinese Herbs. So it doest have side effect at all. One plaster can be used for 180 times.
You must use the apparatus and plaster together. The product is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, so the acupoint is very important. Before using, please clean your skin firstly. Then you can stick the plaster on the relative acupoint according to the pictures in users manual. Different disease has different acupoint. Through electronic moxibustion, the medicines in the plaster can be implanted into your body immediately. So it has good effect on bone diseases, inflammation, aches and so on. It is recorded on Stone of Buddhist Monk Dao that People praise Shaolin 8 therapies of acupuncture & moxibustion and Shaolin magic plaster as The best therapy in China!.
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