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Inlaid Solid Natural Sandalwood Watch. Natural, Elegant, Unique and becomes more glamorous and richer in color the more you wear it. Its feather - like weight is what makes it very comfortable on the wrist. Made of natural solid Sandalwood and handcrafted by master craftsman. Sizeable to fit all. All wooden bracelets are hypo-allergenic. Made so no metal touches the skin. Every watch is unique and one of a kind since wood is variable with each being slightly different. Adjustable with very small screwdriver to size bracelet or take it to your nearest watch shop. Care of watch is considered the same as other wood products. Extreme weather changes or extreme elements of any kind can hurt the wood. Comes with 12 months from date of purchase warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.
12 month warranty
Each watch unique made of solid Sandlewood
Bracelet style is adjustable with small screwdriver and comes with directions
Becomes more beautiful with wearing as the natural oils from your skin add to the beauty!

The magic of Sandlewood!!!!

Sandalwood is the name for several fragrant woods. From the Sanskrit candanam the name is borrowed as the Greek sandanon. The local name in Indonesia and Malaysia is " Cendana " (pronounced approximately /t??nd占 쏙 옙 占 쏙 옙 占 � / in IPA) . In Kannada it is Sri Gandha and in Hindi it is Chandan ( Chondon in Bengali or other Indian languages) . In Tamil it is called "Chandhanam".

In the strict sense these are woods yielded by trees in the genus Santalum, used often for their essential oil. These are yellowish woods, heavy (just short of sinking in water) and fine-grained. Sandalwood has been valued for thousands of years for its fragrance, carving, and various purported medicinal qualities

The THY saltalum wood watches are all made of genus Santalum wood, So they are really the most Nature, Fragrant , Fashion and Healthy watches!!!!!!
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