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BMWZ Gems Cutting has been in pursuit of cutting and supplying high quality CZ stones as Hearts & Arrows. Hearts & Arrows is the term used for Super Ideal cut diamond or Cubic Zirconia that exhibit a complete and precise Hearts & Arrows pattern. Here we refer to Cubic Zirconia. If a stone has this pattern, from the top, it shows 8 arrows pattern; turn the stone over and look down on the pavilion, you will see 8 hearts with small 'V' shapes. This pattern proves beyond question that the facets on the table and pavilion have been cut for perfect alignment and proportion, ensuring maximum fire, brilliance and scintillation.

How to check a Hearts & Arrows Cut stone:
1. There are 8 equal uniformed symmetrical hearts.
2. There are 8 equal uniformed symmetrical distinct hearts that separate from the arrowheads.
3. The hearts are split.
4. Each arrow must be clearly visible with a shaft and an arrowhead.
5. The 8 arrows shafts as well as heads have to be straight and in the right position.
6. The 8 arrow points must meet the girdle.
7. There must be total uniformity and balance.
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