Sell Heat Conduction Silicone Grease

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Generally description:
As the media of heat transfering, it not only has the excellent insulation property and heat conductivity property , but aslo has high-low temperature resistance performance. It doesn't appear air-dry and hardening or melting when work long-time in the temperature range -300-2500. it is , odorless , no-toxic, non-corrosive, stable chemical physical performance.

Its widely used in electronic industry as a heat conduction media in interface of power-amplifier tube and cooling fin, such as: induction cooker, TV sets, DVD CPU and power amplifier tube; For the surface coating and pouring of the microwave communication, microwave transmission facility and the special power suppliers, regulated power supply and so on. Its also a filling material in heat conduction and insulation for transistor and semiconductor transistor, for improving the passing rate.

Package and storage :
1kg/tank (plastic tank or iron tank) or 100g/tube.
The product should be stored in a cool and dry place, and is transported as the way of general goods.
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