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Air Heat Exchanger (also named radiator pipe or radiator) is a main equipment in heating or cooling the air in heat exchange device with heat or cooling medium. It can heat air with high temperature water, steam and high temperature heat conducting oil. It also can cool air with brine , low temperature water or aluminum. The materials of radiator include steel, copper, stainless steel and aluminum. The structions include sheet rooling style, aluminum rool sheet style, aluminum nest plate style, sheet series connection style.
Guangzhou Gele Heat Energy Equipment Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. is a professional manufacturer with producing standard, nonstandard radiator and heat exchanger. The radiator series including sheet stellwith copper tubing circling(Model SRZ, GLII, I) , sheet copper with copper tubing circling (Model S, UII, B, L) , bimetal aluminum roll sheet (Model SZL) , stainless steel (Model BGL) , copper tube in series with aluminum sheet (Model LT) , so that our products can meet your technical requirements around the world . We have professional employee in heat engineering . We can design and produce according to your request. Also we provide consult service in heat engineering.
Our radiators are widely used in more than 20 industries. And we won good reputation in those industries. We have architecture environment and refrigeration experts in designing. We have senior technician instructing jointing craftwork. We have young and professional service team which can provide entire design, producing and consulting services. The companys tenet Quality is ultimate, Perfect Seeking , Clients requirement is perfectly materialized.