Sell Heat Pipe Solar Water Heater

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MSBP and MSSP Series: Heat Pipe Solar Water Heaters

Series' Features:

- Pressurized tank for closed circuit system
- Hot water temperature of 40-80C
- No mixing of hot water and cold water layers
- Enameled and acid-proof steel tank with high chemical stability preventing corrosion
- Metal sealing ring with no-ageing feature
- Maintenance-free
- Employment of gas protection welding ensures high durability of welded joints
- Little installation space required
- Series connections for larger projects possible
- Durability
- Antifreeze
- Longevity
- Aesthetical design
- Aluminium profile support frame for easy installation
- Hot water provision all year round

Technical Specifications:

Series: MSBP and MSSP
Working Principle: Pressurized
Collector Tubes Heat pipe evacuated tube collector 47 mm x 1500 mm
Quantity of Tubes: 15,18,20,24 or 30
Capacity of Tank: 100 L-200 L
Inner Material of Tank: High quality 2.0 mm thick alloy steel plate with quartz enamel coating, close circuit
Cover Material of Tank: Colored steel plate, 0.5mm thick
Side Material of Tank: PP
Insulation: 50 mm polyurethane foam
Reflector: High quality empaistic aluminum plate, 0.4 mm thick
Frame Support: Angle steel with spurted plastic coating; or Aluminum alloy
Electric Heater: No or 1.5 KW
Efficiency: >50%
Operation: Thermo siphon close circuit system pressure up to 4 bar
Available Range: 2-6 Peoples
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
20 days
Minimum Order Quantity
150 units
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