Sell Heat Preservation Nails

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Materials:carbon steel wire, aluminum, tinplate, plastic
Production way: Machining, and inject plastic
Characteriatic:Heat Preservation Nails have the kinds of built-nail, the nail spltt up, one of the nail-up, using it together with Heat Preservation Corner Network, the efficiency can be improved 2-5 times, can reduce labor intensity, shorten the construction period, improve the quality, improve aesthetics, especially external Heat Preservation Nail anchoring system for the external temperature of the insulation layer Heat Preservation Nail, its effect is particularly evident, high compressive strength, prevent collision damage, low thermal conductivity, reduce the thickness of the wall structure; good size and stability, temperature changes in circumstances not deformation, surface coating to prevent cracking, at the same time, formed to provide decorative wall surface, and as a primary coating of cement.
Uses:Widely used in heating industries, power plants, petrochemical, external wall insulation engineering, architectural wall reinforcement, construction noise, etc.
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