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Heat pump water heater is built on a new power-saving technology, which wins universal attention. It s also a new generation of power-saving environment protected device succeeding electric water heater, gas water heater and solar energy heater. Heat pump water heater makes use of the cycle principle, absorbing outside heat from the air with the processing of compressor and refrigerating liquid, transmitting the heat to produce hot water. This advanced heating technology was highly appreciated and recommended by governors of advanced countries after it became mature in 1990s. Then it was widely used for home, school, hotel, hospital, beauty salon, barber s shop, swimming pool and factory etc, where need a lot of hot water.

Product Advantage
1. Safety, the electricity is completely separated from water, without any poisonous gas, liquid or trash letting while running.
2. Save energy and protect environment, saving more energy by 70% comparing with ordinary water heater.
3. Protecting Environment. There isn't any burning gas from the water heater. The refrigerant won't contaminate the ozonosphere. So it benefits the society.
4. Supply water anytime, and not be affected by geographical and weather changing.
5. Supply strong multi-point hot water, comfortable to use at anytime in need.
6. Intelligent control, the water temperature can be adjusted as needed and controlled by micro-computer automatically.
7. Using module design, it is very easy to install. It can be put on the roof, in the balcony, in the courtyard, indoors, etc. And it can be composed with the building perfectly.
8. Long life, the life can be 15~20 years.
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