Sell Heat Recovery Ventilator with Cooling Circuit

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The needs to reduce to the minimum the costs of heating and cooling systems with
external air is increasing. The heat recovery ventilator perfectly merges with the
needs for comfort and energy-saving.

These units allow to extract certain amount of exhaust air from the room and supply
an equivalent quantity of fresh air. A cross flow air to air plate exchanger assures
an efficient heat recovery between exhaust and fresh air, therefore the fresh air is
pre-heated or pre-cooled according to the seasons in order to recover over more than 50% of the energy that would normally be lost with the exhaust air explusion, The supply air is filtered before entering the heat recovery exchanger that is protected with a plate filter also at the exhaust air side.

The HRV series, in addition to the ventilation, filtration and heat recovery sections,
also include a built-in heat pump refrigerating circuit, This allows obtaining a complete machine that operates independently in all seasons and that is capable of combining the necessary renewal of air with an efficient recovery of heat.

Series name: HRV
Air flow: 750 w 8000 m3/h
Heat pump refrigerant: R407c (R22 and R410a on request)
Total heating capacity: 6.35 w 67.55 kW
Total cooling capacity: 4.69 w 51.79 kW