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Product Characteristics:Heat Sensing Neck Supports Magnetic FIR are compounded of Brazil gem tourmaline,
ceramic powder with nanometer function and special heat inductive material. Under
the stimulation of body temperature, through the action of transferring accelerant,
heat inductive material reacts instantly and gives out quantity of heat. Underthe amplitude of heat energy, far infrared ray and negative ions infiltrateinto the deep of the skin, decompose peroxo lipids etc harmful substance excreted
to the outside of the body by sweat and urine, dilate blood vessel, accelerateblood circulation, activate cells and adjust nerve. Product Efficacy:Accelerate metabolism of the body, adjust nerve system and activate incretion. Ease
pain & remove cold, dilate blood vessel. Relax part of body fatigue and ache. Burnt the excess fat inside the body so as to reach certain weight reducing purpose.
Reach daily health protection to healthy people. Defend the neck and makeit elegancy. Application Symptom:Person who is chilly and afraid of cold, afterpains, hypogastrium cold, chilness
and ache in the neck, cold syndrome of the stomach, stomach-ache, strain of neck
muscles, cervical vertebra hyperosteogeny, arthritis, figure body and make health
& beauty, daily health care and defense, etcOperation Guide:First use cloth got wet to rub the middle fever part of the neck supports till wet.
Then directly fix the neck supports in the affected part of the skin. Commonly, around 30 minutes can feel obvious heat sense. The length of the wearing timeis decided according to every one's body status. If the skin has ardor feel after
use, it belongs normal condition. Pls get off temporarily. Never damage the skin.
Not getting wet also can be used, only the time that the fever needed is longer.
The product can be re-washed and re-used. Avoid of using detergent (powder) , and directly scrub with clean water, which won't influence the efficacy of theproduct. Notice:The following sufferers forbid using the product: women in gestation, malignancy
sufferers, inner body metal assistant apparatus carrier (except teeth metal) . Asmall amount of sensitive person will appear the flaming feel of the skin when use,
which is normal condition, and never damage the skin.
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