Sell Heat and Shrinking Packaging Machine (2-In-1)

Heat and Shrinking Packaging Machine (2-In-1) You May Also Be Interested In: heat shrinking shrinking machine
Applicability: packing pharmaceutical, food, stationery, cosmetic, electronic products
and toys

1) Totally enclosed packing type
2) Sealing, cutting and shrinking are finished in one process
3) Instant heat-blade, sealing and cutting automatically, and the sealing-cutting
time can be adjusted optionally
4) Protective device can effectively prevent from wrong cutting
5) The height of platform can be adjusted
6) It's easy to operate

1) Power supply: 220V 50Hz
2) Power: 11kW
3) Sealing size: 550 x 350mm
4) Max. packing height: 350mm
5) Max. packing speed: 10bags/min
6) Overall dimensions: 1,450 x 730 x 1,360mm
7) Weight: 115kg
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