Sell Heat conducting Ul silicone

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General Description:
ADL-607 is single component and Room Temperature Cured Silicone. By taking condensation reaction with the tiny water molecule in air, then forming a high performance elastomer by cross-linking outside-in. The elastomer has good stability, high-low temperature resistance, ultraviolet radiation resistance, ozone aging resistance and the excellent electrical performance, and the high performance in heat conductivity and flame resistance. has good bonding ability to most metal and non-metal materials, and can use for the sealing of many kinds of electronic components and electronic products, no pollution to surrounding environment. The model ADL-607 has passed the UL inflaming retarding certification.

The products are widely used in electronics and electrical equipment for their heat elimination. Heat eliminating, bonding and sealing the thermistors, power supplies and transistors. Bonding and insulating the PTC, etc. . Especially suitable for bonding and sealing the componets which are required high-quality performances in flame resistance and heat conductivity.

Packing and storage
According to the different demands of customers, we have different color package, the colors are: black, white, gray, the packing: 45g, 100g aluminium pipe, 300ml PE tube. This product is nontoxic, non-dangerous, please avoid rains and expose to sunlight, and preserve in shade (under260) and keep it dry. The preserve period is 6 months.
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10000pcs per month
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