Sell Heavy duty 78 LED police portable strobe light

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78 LEDs mobile portable strobe light --- with it, you are much safer when you handle traffic accidents.
Heavy duty of 78 LEDs police portable strobe light --- efficiently avoid 2nd accident happen for traffic policemen.

Brief introduction for police portable strobe light-----LH61RB17
1. A new creative product of dual light source in one body provides super bright mobile strobe signal light and LED torch.
2. Specially designed for security department and traffic policemen for vehicle checking in the road, that the super bright mobile strobe signal has great threatening to remind the driver to stop the vehicles to be checked in the road.
3. 61 super-bright red and blue LED provides 3 groups of mobile strobe signals, the signal visible distance over 300 meters during the day time, over 3,000 meters at night.
4. 17 LED torch provides about 16hours constant bright floodlight (54 lumens) for license checking or traffic accident rescue illumination.
5. This new creative mobile strobe light is also suitable to the place where the police car can not be arrived, the mobile strobe signals will remind crowd people to discipline or show to people that the policemen are in the scene of site for preventing the potential chaos might be happened in a crowd event.
6. The strobe signals also could be greatly improved the safe work condition to policemen on duty, especially in the scene of road accident, the super bright mobile strobe signals will greatly helpful to prevent the second accident happen.
7. This new creative portable strobe light has been widely equipped in security department in China, and as well as in the highway administration and dangerous operation department, etc.
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