Sell Heavy duty throat microphone ATT130

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The ATT130 heavey duty thraot microphone features:

High quality audio signal and intelligibility
Good anti-noise capability.
Surgical grade acoustic tube can be comfortably worn for a long time.
Environmental friendly and durable PTT cable can withstand high strength.
Quiet PTT key
Convenient micro adjustment to fit users neck.
Used with optional Ear Mold allows ambient sounds and provides better wearing
Accidental activation proof PTT.
Reliable five-pin optional jack for extended finger PTT
Chemical corrosion and spray proof, such as pesticide corrosion
Comfortably work with tactical helmets, motorcycle helmets and breathing masks. Applicable to SWAT, police, military groups and those who are on special missions.
Available for Motorola, EF Johnson, Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu/Vertex, etc.