Hebei Far East Harris Communications Co.,ltd

Hebei Far East Harris Communications Co.,ltd Hebei Far East Harris Communications Co.,ltd
We are a joint venture company between Harris Corporation and 54th Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) . We are mainly engaged in the the business of the 20-20 PABX and enhanced communications products worldwide. We have passed the ISO 9001 Certification

The advanced products and solutions, coupled with exceptional services, make FHC a dependable business partner. Customers of various industries, from electric power and natural gas, armies to banking and hotel have entrusted FHC as their reliable communication equipment provider. In China, the 20-20 and the Dispatch System are widely used in the electric power industry and hold a market share of up to 80% in this industry. In addition, abundant and powerful hospitality features of the 20-20 help accommodation and hospitality industries to provide efficient communication services for its distinguished guests. It is now widely used in many super-star hotels, such as Holiday Inn, Hilton, Radisson, Marriott and Hyatt, etc. Beisdes, Our 20-20PBX system is designed according to international standard and widely adopted by nearly 50 countries around the world!

FHC is devoting more efforts in technical innovation. FHC has developed a series of new products on the 20-20 platform, such as IP Gateway, wireless applications,2B+D Based Digital Dispatch System, Network Management System, Call Center, ISDN Solutions, Enhanced Hotle/Hospitality Solutions, Windows-based Administration Software and Attendant Workstation, Billing System, Digital Recording System, Caller ID Digital/Analog Trunk Supported, and V5.2 and CSTA Interfaces, etc. In addition to these products, FHC also provides tailored solutions for customers of diverse industries according to their specific requirement.
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