Sell Helicopter -whistle candy

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A kind of toy candy-including lovely appearance and delicious little candies in it. fruit flavors include banana, orange, pineapple, strawberry, corn. the ingridents in the candy are: white sugar, artificial flavors, artificial colors, syrup. the products are exported to many countries. you can rest assured for our products' quality. this kind of products are playable and edible, so they are welcomed by children.
This candy toy can wheel smoothly. It is attractive for children's market. we are a company manufacturing series of little toy candies and food, which focus on children's market. our products sell well at home or abroad. the price for our products are very reasonable.
Our products exceed fifty sorts of toy candiesincluding toy rice pestle, toy grind, whistle iron, pearl cup, novelty whistle, joy of various family, camera mobile telephone, happy baby, helicopt whistle, king tobaccopipe, hobby whistle, carp whistle, boxing panda, cat bringing rich, golden lion whistle, marbles, jeep, baby mobile telephone, tip truck, game machine, artifice ball, artifice whistle, swaying whistle, lark, whistle frog, snail whistle, pet world, broadsword candy