Sell Helmet“Jockey B”

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Helmet shell: Using glass fiber reinforced polyestr fiber-synthetic fiber, fabracated with high tech process Special Mould composer (SMC) .
Inner part:Highly adjustable fasten belt with 8 points, have leather pad, water absorptive and replaceable sweat proofing leather ring (Nomatx P35) , very comfortable, using turning wheel inside for stepless adjusting. Pulled down neck belt to head back can provide user a reliable and pressureless location even when bending over and looking up.
Weight: 425 grams, all parts are replaceable, no special tools reqired.
Standard color:.01 grey, .02 white, .03 yellow, .04 blue, .05 red, .06 orange yellow, .07 green.
Options: reflecting stripe, fixure, used for protecting ears, PC or grid mask, miner`s lamp, Anti-dizzy and neck protection, welding mask, etc.
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