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Treatment on common symptoms:
Vertigo, insomnia, cough, toothache, deafness, tinnitus, stomache, epidemic disease and disease in assimilation system, respiring system, heart, blood vessel and blood system, nerve and spirit system, uropoiesis system, reproduction system, metabolism system, endocrine system, locomotor system, surgery, dermatology and gynecology.

Complete theory-------Four theories of Helpmate Therapy Instrument of Meridian Activating
1. Acupuncture and Massage
To adjust pulse wave in the electrotherapeutics, it seems that numerous electric needles are simulating acupuncture and doing massage treatment. The pulse wave conducts along the meridian to entrails or along the sensory nerve to central nerve which makes the autonomic nerve change and has the effect of eliminating inflammation, relieving pain, promoting the blood circulation and enhancing the function of metabolism.

2. Far infrared warming technology
The magnetic thermotherapy belt keeps a temperature of 36-58 degree centigrade during the treatment. The radiation wave length of far infrared ray is 8-10. 65 micron which is similar to the radiation wave length ( 9. 6 micron) of the body surface. So it is easy to absorb by human body. The warming effect can improve the blood circulation of part of the body, help to absorb the exudates, eliminate dropsy, relax muscles and stop pain of various kinds.

3. Magnetic effect
The magnetic thermotherapy belt is designed into leaking magnetic field. Its intensity is higher than magnetic field of earth, about 60-80. It acts on the affected part and adjusts the biological magnetic field, which can soft and dissolve the sediments of the blood so as to clear the blood and qi.

4. Drug import technology

Nine functions
1. Acupuncture
2. Massage
3. Megnetic effect
4. Foment effect
5. Auriculotherapy effect
6. Pedicure effect
7. Qigong effect
8. Acupoint attacking effect
9. Electrotherapeutics effect
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