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Far Infrared Massage Bed produces far infrared ray , gives thermal therapy and finger massage. By promoting blood circulation and activating internal organs, it can enhance the health and build the body.
1. Spinal Rectifing Effect
Finger pressure acts from the lumbar part to the back and then to the neck, rectifies the distorted spine and regulates diseases caused by the spine distortion.
2. Finger Pressure Effect
Finger Pressure can relax tension of the back muscles, renew the blood from congestion to fresh blood and promote the metabolism of the body.
3. Accupunture
Far infrared acupuncture can promote metabolism, broaden blood vessel, enhance the
the contraction and relaxation, lower blood pressure, increase the function of sweat glands, eliminate inflammation, stop pain and promote blood circulation.
4. Natural jade effect
Nature jade can activate the vigor of the tissue cells promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism, help to discharge the waste of the body and enhance the immunity.
5. Beating effect
Finger pressure can relax the muscle of the whole body and beat the dead angle of the meridian so as to promote blood circulation and enhance metabolism.
6. Whole body massage
Whole massage could clear out all parts of the meridian so as to regulate the disease build the body.
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