Sell Hemp/Cotton Worsted Pillow Covers

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We mainly focus on promotion of lifestyle of Most of natural materials.
Our raw materials concentrate on pure hemp and blended or interlaced textiles of hemp with other fibers, such as cotton, organic cotton, silk, wool, bamboo natural fibers.
Hemp, an annual herb, which is also named by xianma, hanma, huoma, kuima. Hemp plant is grown in mountainous areas with picturesque scenery. No plant disease or insect pest, no fertilizer or pesticide during the growth. It's a typical "Organic Plant".
Hemp product charactererized by its preeminent moisture absorption and ventilation, anti-bacterium, anti-sepsis, anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-static and anti-high temperature.
Hemp fabric is a bit harder and more durable than cotton, and hemp products are long-lasting. These natural fiber fabrics are healthy for the wearer, providing warmth in cold weather and helping one stay cool in hot weather.

Te/H blended yarn
component/rate: 55H/45C
Spec: 74cm*48cm
Supply Capacity
2000 pc
Condition of Goods
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Terms of Payment
T/T or Western Union
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T/T china