Sell Hemp T shirt

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Hemp T shirt
Fabric: Jersey from 160g/m2-220g/m2
Composition: 55%hemp 45% cotton; or pure hemp
Color: Solid color, as per clients requirements
Size: as per clients requirements
Hemp goods features:
1 are absorbent and repel ultraviolet rays. Dyed hemp clothes are less prone to fading.
2 have the properties of being hardy, wrinkle free and the ability to retain their shape with repeated wearing
3 Hemps naturally breathing quality and its ability to remove moisture makes it an easy choice to wear as tops or sweat shirts in warm weather. This same insulating property makes hemp an ideal choice to wear during colder weather.
4 Hemp is resistant to mold and mildew. Textile goods made from hemp are less prone to odors. This hypo-allergenic feature makes hemp garments and linen ideal for those who suffer from chemical or other allergies.
In conclusion, from its origin as a sustainable plant crop to its production as an eco textile, hemp contributes to the preservation of our resources. Hemp goods are truly green. They are hypo-allergenic, naturally breathing and bio-degradable.